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Flip a coin. Heads, tails or edge? Try your luck 🍀 Make a Decision 🦅

Android app.

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1.1 (29.04.21)

1.0.4 (23.04.21)
  • Fixed sound and vibration adjustments.
  • Updated texts.
  • Disabled language selection.
  • Removed info section.
1.0.2 (11.04.21)
  • Added quick settings.
  • Added animation of action buttons.
  • Updated icons, links, texts and tooltips.
  • Fixed default settings and initial coin position.
  • Fixed two edges in a row.
  • Fixed popup of the app rate.
  • Fixed color inversion in the dark theme on MIUI.
  • Removed language selection and support button.
1.0 (09.04.21)
  • Published on Google Play.


Deci screenshot 1Deci screenshot 2 Deci screenshot 3


This is my first Android app, made for educational purposes:

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